Husband Carried On An Affair At Home! Cheating Husbands Singapore

As a divorce lawyer Singapore, I hear about stories about cheating husbands Singapore. However, one story that I read stood out from the rest.

Moving in of Lena

Mary (not her real name) was married young and she had her first child at 21. One day in 2004, her husband Zach (not his real name) told Mary that his friend (Lena) would live with them in the flat for a while. According to Zach, Lena was going through a bad divorce in Singapore and needed temporary shelter for herself, her children and her elderly mother. Despite Zach having a major crush on Lena back in school, Mary welcomed Lena into her home as she believed in good karma.

Zach cheating with Lena

One night, Zach suggested a game of poker, with the loser carrying out a “dare”. Zach won while Lena lost. As a penalty, Zach wanted Lena to kiss him. A few weeks later, Zach called Lena into the bedroom and told Lena to kiss him. Though Mary was uncomfortable, she reluctantly agreed after being assured that it would be a “playful kiss”. Mary was even asked to watch the process. She was so uncomfortable that she even felt that she was invading their privacy.

A few days later, Zach suggested having sex with Lena as her second dare. Like how a normal wife would behave, Mary said no. Zach then pestered Mary and accused her of being a bad sport. Tired of Zach’s accusations, Mary gave in. A part of Mary wondered if Zach was testing her and that maybe nothing would happen. Mary peeked through the window and was shocked to see Zach’s and Lena’s naked bodies! She was torn.

The last straw came when Zach suggested that Mary joined him and Lena in a threesome. To get in Zach’s good books, she agreed. Mary regretted her decision almost immediately, when Zach started comparing her and Lena. Zach even suggested that Mary should learn from Lena.

The divorce

Mary finally woke up from truth. Cheating husbands Singapore are awful husbands!

She plucked up enough courage to leave Zach.

Today, she is happily married with Jeff (not his real name), a man who knows how to treat her right.

See: Azlinda Said, “My hubby carried on an affair in our home- I was helpless to stop it”, Simply Her, 30 April 2014

Cheating husbands Singapore

If you face a similar problem like Mary, do not be afraid. You are able to get a divorce based on the adultery of your spouse. Contact us today to find out more!

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