Sexless Marriage in Singapore Caused by ED

Erectile Dysfunction (commonly known as “ED”) is a taboo topic for many men in Singapore. It is defined as the “inability to maintain an erection rigid enough for sexual intercourse”. Usual complaints include:

  1. Difficulty in initiating an erection;
  2. Difficulty in sustaining an erection until completion of sexual act; and
  3. Having erections which are not sufficient rigid for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Statistics show that up to 40% of men would have experienced at least 1 instance of ED by the age of 40. By the age of 70, the percentage increases to 75%.

Causes of ED

According to doctors, ED may be a result of psychological or physical problems.

For instance, ED may be caused by:

  1. Testosterone deficiency;
  2. Nerve problems;
  3. Side effects from medical treatments; and
  4. Medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes and high cholesterol.

A sexless marriage in Singapore can result in severe emotional impact on relationships and affect the man’s self-esteem.

Case of Mr. T

Mr. T has a successful career and 2 children. He is 50 and his wife is 42. He appears to have it all but he has a problem in the bedroom- ED. Initially, he thought it is due to his stress at work and performance anxiety. Due to his problem, he avoided intimacy with his wife and this caused her to become suspicious of him and distant. Eventually, the marriage was strained.

Mr. T eventually sought help from his doctors and was treated. His condition improved. So did his relationship with his wife.


ED is treatable. Doctors have begun using low-intensity shockwave therapy which causes the growth of new blood vessels. These blood vessels channel more blood into the penis, giving the patient a stronger erection.

Other treatments include oral medications, injections and surgical placement of a penile prosthesis.

Vacuum erectile devices may also be suitable for some men.

It is important for patients to discuss treatment options with their doctors before deciding on any procedures or medications.

See: Ronny Tan, “High-flyer a total flop in bedroom”, The Straits Times, 10 January 2017

Incapacity to consummate the marriage, if supported by a medical report, can be used to support your application for annulment of marriage.

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have witnessed firsthand the effects of a sexless marriage in Singapore due to ED:

  1. The husband’s self-esteem will be affected;
  2. The wife may not understand the reason behind the husband’s lack of interest in intimacy. The wife may grow suspicious; and
  3. Both husband and wife may end up feeling frustrated the lack of intimacy.

In some cases, this may even result in divorce.

If you are having marital problems as a result of having a sexless marriage in Singapore, contact us today.

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