Signs Your Marriage is Falling Apart

What are some signs your marriage is falling apart?

According to Rachel Maclynn, a psychologist and relationship expert, the following are signs your marriage is falling apart:

  1. You are a shadow of usual self and you have lost your enthusiasm for life. The unhappy marriage is taking its toll on you.
  2. You are easily annoyed by your spouse, even at the most insignificant things which he/ she does.
  3. You are not physically aroused when your partner is close to you.
  4. You prefer to spend time alone or with your friends than with your spouse.
  5. You no longer praise your spouse. Subconsciously if your partner does not make you happy, you would not want him/ her to be happy.
  6. You do not feel as confident about yourself. You question your attractiveness. Your partner makes you feel unhappy about yourself.
  7. You do not look forward to going home after work. You avoid being with your partner and rather spend more time at work.
  8. You stop planning for trips with your spouse.
  9. You no longer put in effort to look good when you spend a night out with your spouse. Even if your spouse tells you that you look good, you will be indifferent.
  10. You belittle your spouse in front of your friends. You do not respect your spouse.

See: Bianca London, “Are you subconsciously unhappy in your relationship? Expert reveals the 10 signs that prove it’s finally time to call it quits”, MaiOnline, 8 December 2016

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I would say that there are more signs your marriage is falling apart that what are mentioned above.

If you feel that your marriage is falling apart, it may be helpful to speak to your spouse about it. You may also wish to speak to a close family member, friend or counsellor if you wish to save the marriage.

However, if there are signs your marriage is falling apart beyond repair, you may wish to contact us to find out how you can protect your interests.

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