Man Sliced Off Genitals Due to “Sexless Marriage”

A man whose attempts to have sex with his wife failed did the unthinkable- he cut off his penis! Pretty drastic actions due to a “sexless marriage”.

Ghasi Ram, 37, is from India. He claims that he has endured a sexless marriage for 10 years. Coming home drunk one night, he pestered his 34-year-old wife Manjhri Devi, 34, for sex. When he was rejected, he grabbed a knife and sliced off his penis.

After Ram collapsed on the floor, his wife called for help and summoned a doctor. She denied her husband’s claims that the fault was on her.

Ram and Devi have been married for 18 years. The couple has 2 sons and a daughter. They live in Uttar Pradesh, Northern India.

According to Devi, her husband “would come home drinking every night and never listened to me or cared for me. I just simply said no to him as he was drunk and I was very angry with him. Now he is blaming me for all this when I have done nothing.”

On the other hand, her husband said: “I was frustrated. We have not had sex for the last ten or twelve years. She would never make love to me. She will not sit close to me and always refuses my demands.”

See: Dave Burke, “That’ll show her! Frustrated husband chops off his genitals with a knife after his wife hadn’t had sex with him for a DECADE”, Daily Mail Online, 6 December 2016

The story of Ram and Devi is certainly an extreme case. Thankfully, I have not met one such case in my practice.

However, I have represented clients who are frustrated by the lack of sex in their marriage. In one case I handled, the lady complained that her husband would engage in masturbation while in bed, ignoring her presence. The lady felt frustrated and offended.

There are many possible reasons why a person would reject the advances of his/ her spouse:

  1. He/ she may be facing stress from work/ other aspects of life. Sex may just be the furthest thing from his/ her mind.
  2. He/ she may have lost some of his/ her sex drive due to age/ fatigue.
  3. He/ she may be having an adultery. Thus, there is a lack of interest in his/ her spouse.

There may be other reasons.

If you are just married and your spouse wilfully refuses to consummate the marriage, you may wish to commence nullity proceedings in Singapore to void the marriage. This process of annulment will allow you to revert to your “single” status.

See: Section 106 of Women’s Charter (Singapore)

If you have been married for a number of years and your spouse refuses to have sexual intercourse with you, that may constitute unreasonable behaviour which may give you sufficient reasons to file for divorce in Singapore.

See: Section 95 of Women’s Charter (Singapore)

Understand the differences between annulment and divorce in Singapore!

Talk to us today to find out more!

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