MMA Fighter Assaulted Fiancée For Bringing Wrong Noodles- Case of Domestic Violence?

28-year-old Julian ‘Julz the Jackal’ Wallace was recently handed 2 suspended sentences for a violent assault on his ex-fiancée. Wallace was given a sentence of 15 months imprisonment for “assault occasioning actual bodily harm” and 7 months for “intentionally choking with recklessness”.

The incident

Wallace was a former mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter and owner of a “men-only” barber shop. On the night of the incident, the victim (Jessy Jess) was on her way home after work. She was late for about 15 minutes as she had stopped to buy some noodles for Wallace. When Jess reached Wallace’s home, Wallace became angry at her for buying the wrong food. He grabbed her and even accused her of cheating on him.

According to Jess: “He [Wallace] starting attacking me, it went on for about 20 minutes, he kicked me in the head with timberland boots on. He got me in a muay thai headlock in the kitchen and was elbowing me in the face. He was holding my head in one hand and hitting me with the other.”

Later, Wallace kicked Jess in her face and tried to remove her engagement ring while threatening to “break her fingers”. Jess eventually became unconscious as she attempted to break free from Wallace.

Jess added: “I was terrified, I really was, I’ve never been knocked out and I’ve never passed out before. I remember seeing stars and getting dropped onto the bed. When he was chocking me I could feel myself losing consciousness.”

Thankfully, Jess is a MMA fighter herself.

The aftermath

As a result of the assault, Jess suffered a “cut lip” and “bruising on her neck and face”. After Jess reported the assault to the authorities, Wallace posted naked pictures of her and even threatened to release a sex tape.

The judgment

Magistrate Margaret Quinn who heard the matter said Wallace had a ‘very difficult background and seems to be someone of ‘good character’.

Wallace will not have to spend a day in prison. Jess is “heartbroken” over the sentence.

See: Nic White, MMA fighter and ‘men only’ barber shop owner bashed his fiancée for bringing him the wrong noodles but will NOT spend time in jail after magistrate says he is ‘of good character’, Daily Mail Australia, 8 December 2016

Should this incident have occurred in Singapore, I believe Wallace might have received a much harsher sentence.

How are domestic violence cases in Singapore dealt with?

What would have happened if Jess and Wallace are living in Singapore? What are the victim’s rights in domestic violence cases in Singapore?

As Jess is not married to Wallace at the time of the attack, she would not have the recourse of making an application for a personal protection order in Singapore. If she were Wallace’s wife, she would be able to do so. It would be good if she is able to bring along her medical report, police report and marriage certificate to the Family Justice Courts when she filed the complaint.

The Court, if satisfied that family violence has been committed and a PPO is necessary for the protection of Jess, will grant a PPO or other orders.

Should the order be breached, Wallace faces the possibility of being charged.

Of course, Jess would also be able to file for divorce against Wallace using his acts of domestic violence as a reason.

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