Sichuan Man Celebrated Divorce by Giving Away Free Beer

Over in Nanchong City in Sichuan, a restaurant held a strange promotion in early December 2016. A sign was put up outside the eatery. It read: “The boss has divorced today! He’s in a good mood! Beer is free, drink up!”

Perhaps to authenticate the deal, a divorce certificate was printed on the banner.

One of the co-owners of the eatery recently had a divorce. The co-owner told Nanchong Evening News: “I did get divorced recently, it was a long-drawn out process. Just completed the proceedings, and I feel relieved, so I thought of celebrating it with this promotion.”

The promotion did attract a fair amount of attention, with some walk-in customers going into the restaurant to see if the promotion was true.

Chen, a customer, told the local newspaper: “It’s the first time I’ve seen such an outrageous marketing tactic. I made sure to check with the boss. He really did go through a divorce.”

Chen and his friends ended up having a meal at the restaurant. Seems like the marketing worked!

The promotion did not run afoul of any regulations, according to the local commerce bureau. The bureau did however stop short of encouraging similar promotions by other companies.

See: Chew Hui Min, “Sichuan restaurant boss celebrates divorce with free beer for customers”, The Straits Times, 7 December 2016

Who says divorce must be sad and full of tears?

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have come across many couples who have decided to move on with their lives amicably. They do not hate each other. It is just that they have decided to move on by getting a divorce in Singapore. Some even remain as close friends who watch out for each other’s back. Such divorces are termed as “uncontested divorces” where all terms are agreed and the couple need not even take a step into the Family Justice Courts.

How long does it take to get a divorce in Singapore?

Uncontested divorces in Singapore normally take about 4 months to conclude.

For acrimonious, heavily-contested divorces in Singapore, there may even be more reasons for the couple to “celebrate” after closing the chapter of their lives. Such divorces may take up to a year or more.

My role as a divorce lawyer in Singapore is to ensure that my clients go through the process without spending too much money (which really should be spent on their children and family) and wasting too much time. I strive to make every divorce in Singapore as painless as possible.

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