Glenn Ong to Marry Jean Danker- When Can I Remarry After Divorce Singapore?

On this coming Friday (16 December 2016), FM 91.3 radio deejay Glenn Ong will get married for the third time. This time around, he is set to marry his ex-colleague and fiancée of 5 years- Class 95 DJ Jean Danker at the Sofitel Singapore Sentosa Resort & Spa.

Ong claims that he does not have “wedding jitters”. This may be because he has walked down the aisle twice, with the late Kate Reyes and Jamie Yeo. Reyes and Yeo, both radio deejays, were ex-colleagues with Ong at Mediacorp.

Despite having been married twice, Ong never had a stag night party. He had his first stag party earlier this month. The event was held at Clarke Quay club Le Noir. It was organized by his colleagues- Mark van Cuylenburg (the Flying Dutchman), Elliot Danker, producer Andre Hoeden and his fans.

Ong will also be writing his wedding vows (something which he did not do previously).

The couple has been engaged since 2011. This is Danker’s first marriage. Danker said: “I’ve never judged him for his past. If anything, I’m always making fun of him about that. I know it’s a serious thing, but that’s just the way we deal with it.”

The date for the wedding was decided after Danker consulted a fengshui expert who provided a few dates. The couple picked 16 December 2016 as it coincided with their year-end leave periods. After their wedding at Sentosa, the couple will jet off to Bali for their honeymoon.

Both Danker and Ong have their own apartments and they will shuttle between each other’s apartment after the marriage. Ong said he is letting Danker decide if they are to have children.

See: Eddino Abdul Hadi, “No wedding jitters for Glenn Ong”, The Straits Times, 12 December 2016

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I encourage all my clients never to give up on finding love. After a divorce, most people will go on to become better spouses to their partners. Failure brings with it experience. One will learn how to appreciate and understand his/ her better half. No one should be denied a second shot at love!

When can I remarry after divorce Singapore?

This is a common question from many of my clients: “when can I remarry after divorce Singapore?”

The short answer is, you can remarry after the final judgment is out.

There are 2 stages to the divorce process in Singapore.

At stage 1, the Court will determine if there are sufficient reasons for the divorce to proceed. Should there be sufficient reasons, the Court will grant the Interim Judgment- which simply means that the marriage is dissolved based on the reasons stated.

At stage 2, issues on matrimonial assets, children’s custody and maintenance (alimony) will be agreed between parties or decided by the Court. At the end of stage 2, the Court will grant the Final Judgment.

If the divorce is uncontested (both parties agree on all terms of the divorce), the Final Judgment will be out within approximately 4 months from the date the divorce papers are filed.

Hence the answer to the question (“When can I remarry after divorce Singapore?”) is 4 months from the date the divorce papers are filed, provided the divorce proceeds on an uncontested basis.

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