Number of Marriages in Singapore in 2016

Curious about the number of marriages in Singapore in 2016? According to statistics published by the Department of Statistics, the total number of marriages in Singapore in 2016 is 27971. The monthly breakdown is as follows: January- 2,458 February- 1,653 March- 2,311 April- 1,728 May- 2,608 June- 2,117 July- 2,039 August- 1,405 September- 2,843 October- … Read more

Mother-In-Law Problems Singapore

Mother-in-law Problems Singapore On his daughter’s wedding, Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Vivian Balakrishnan said in his speech that choosing the right spouse is the most crucial decision you will have to make, as “it can be a source of great happiness or the converse”. The Minister advised his sons that “the best predictor of … Read more

Is Pre Marriage Counselling Singapore Helpful?

Pre Marriage Counselling Singapore What makes a marriage work? Will pre marriage counselling Singapore help? The Ministry of Social and Family Development has a network of partners who provide services in relation to pre marriage counselling Singapore, also known as Marriage Preparation Programmes. These programmes help you to “understand issues relating to marriage and learn … Read more

Dealing with In-Law Problems in Marriage

Dealing with in-law problems in marriage can be tricky. Marriage, as they often say, is not just about 2 people. It is a union of 2 families. The 2 families may have different cultures, values, mind-sets and religions. As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have seen many clients file for divorce due to in-law … Read more

Growing Number of Singles in Singapore

As society develops, there is a growing number of singles in Singapore. It may be a case that people are placing more emphasis on their careers, education or personal interests. I do not have the answer to why there is a growing number of singles in Singapore. While there is nothing really wrong with being … Read more

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