Is Pre Marriage Counselling Singapore Helpful?

Pre Marriage Counselling Singapore What makes a marriage work? Will pre marriage counselling Singapore help? The Ministry of Social and Family Development has a network of partners who provide services in relation to pre marriage counselling Singapore, also known as Marriage Preparation Programmes. These programmes help you to “understand issues relating to marriage and learn … Read more

Marriage Trends in Singapore

Marriage trends in Singapore show that Singaporeans are marrying later. Marriage trends in Singapore show that there are fewer Singaporeans getting married before 30 and more getting hitched after 30. However, there are some young Singaporeans who buck the marriage trends in Singapore. Abigal Lee and Luke Yan married in 2016 at the age of … Read more

Money Issues Between Couples

Money issues between couples can cause tension. How should one handle money issues between couples? 28.8 is a play showcasing lovers Nerissa and Andy (played by Farhana M. Noor and Al-Matin Yatim). Like in most Singaporean romances, the BTO flat features prominently in the play. The writer-director, Mr Adib Kosnan, drew on his own experience … Read more

Reasons For High Divorce Rate In Singapore

What are some reasons for high divorce rate in Singapore? According to a study, there is a greater likelihood of divorce for women who get married for the 1st time when they are extremely young (between the age of 15 and 20) or above the age of 45. The study was conducted by Philip N. … Read more

Joint Bank Accounts and Divorce

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I sometimes face questions on joint bank accounts and divorce. Recently, I came across an article that discusses the idea of having a joint bank account with your spouse. The advantages Joint bank accounts promote communication According to the article, having a joint bank account promotes communication. Each spouse … Read more

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