Divorce Settlement Singapore

Looking to reach a divorce settlement Singapore with your spouse, but don’t know where to start? Fret not, we are here to help you. Benefits of Reaching a Divorce Settlement Singapore It is obvious that there are many advantages of reaching a divorce settlement Singapore and settling out of Court. You will get your divorce … Read more

Division of Matrimonial Assets in Singapore

How does the Court make a decision on division of matrimonial assets in Singapore? Under Section 112 of the Women’s Charter, the Family Justice Courts have the power to order division of matrimonial assets. The Court needs to consider the following factors: Financial contributions made by each party towards the acquisition of assets; Needs of … Read more

Prenup Singapore

In the past, I seldom have any enquiry on prenup Singapore. Many Singaporean couples see prenup Singapore as a taboo subject to talk about. With more expatriates coming to Singapore, and a more knowledgeable and liberal society in general, more couples are coming to me to draw up a prenup. What should the prenup contain? … Read more

Deed of Separation Singapore Sample

Are you searching the net for a deed of separation Singapore sample? Being physically separated allow you space and time to decide whether the marriage can be saved. In instances where you have decided on the eventuality of divorce, you may need a deed of separation Singapore sample because: Your children are young/ going through … Read more

Women’s Charter Matrimonial Assets

You may be keen to find out more about division of women’s charter matrimonial assets. An out-of-court settlement is good, because: If you are able to reach a settlement with your spouse, you do not need to proceed to Court and have a Judge decide on your case. An out-of-court settlement takes up less time … Read more

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