Reasons For High Divorce Rate In Singapore

What are some reasons for high divorce rate in Singapore?

According to a study, there is a greater likelihood of divorce for women who get married for the 1st time when they are extremely young (between the age of 15 and 20) or above the age of 45.

The study was conducted by Philip N. Cohen, a sociologist at the University of Maryland. On average, for American women in the age groups, the marriage lasts between 1 and 10 years.

In a separate study, it was shown that the chances of divorce will be lower for people who get married between the age of 28 and 32.

See: Melissa Chan, “This Chart Tells How Likely You Are to Get Divorced”, 7 June 2016

Reasons for high divorce rate in Singapore

From a Singapore divorce lawyer’s point of view, many marriages fall apart due to pressure points, involving kids and finances.

While dating involves 2 people, marriage is a family affair. Different parenting styles can lead to (daily) conflicts. Imagine arguing over children’s issues on a daily basis!

Financially unstable couples also have more to argue about. It is no secret that the cost of living in Singapore is on the higher end. A dating couple would have more disposable income- there is no house and children to take care of. Once married, a couple would have to think about housing mortgage and children’s expenses. If parties have different ideas about savings and spending, the relationship may become strained.

There are other reasons for high divorce rate in Singapore.

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