Proof of Adultery in Divorce Singapore

What constitutes good proof of adultery in divorce Singapore?


Mohammed Anas is a Ghanaian footballer playing in the South African Premier League. After scoring 2 goals to help his team earn a draw away to Ajax Cape Town, he was named man of the match. In his interview after the match, he thanked both his wife and his girlfriend!

Anas said: “And I appreciate my fans also, my wife and my girlfriend… yeah my wife. Sorry for saying that! I’m so sorry… I love you so much with all my heart!”

The interview speech went viral.

See: Ben Grounds, “African footballer accidentally thanks his wife and girlfriend in hilarious man of the match speech blunder”, Mailonline, 19 March 2017

Should it have happened in Singapore, could Anas’ wife file for divorce against him using the ground of adultery? Is his “confession” good proof of adultery in divorce Singapore? Adultery happens when one party voluntary engages in sex with a third party. Anas

Probably not. The standard of proof of adultery in divorce Singapore is high. While Anas referred to a “girlfriend”, there was no further elaboration.

Good proof of adultery in divorce Singapore include the following:

  1. Confession;
  2. Direct evidence- for instance having a witness;
  3. Indirect evidence- for instance a strong private investigator’s report (PI report); and
  4. A child born to one party and the child is not a child of the marriage.

Using unreasonable behaviour– improper association as reason for divorce

If there is insufficient proof of adultery in divorce Singapore, you may wish to proceed with the divorce based on the unreasonable behaviour of your spouse. It may be easier to prove improper association with a third party, than outright adultery.

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