Marriage Preparation Programme Singapore

Pre-marriage course Singapore- for Muslims

The Ministry of Culture, Community, and Development may introduce changes to the Administration of Muslim Law Act (Amla).

This will mean that Muslim couples getting married will need to attend a pre-marriage course Singapore if at least one of the parties is under the age of 21.

The pre-marriage course Singapore, known as the mandatory marriage preparation programme, will help young Muslim couples make informed decisions about the marriage and be prepared for any challenges that they will face in the marriage.

Mr Ustaz Ali Mohd, from the Religious Rehabilitation Group, said the proposed change will benefit the community and teach young couples about responsibilities and finances.

Other than going through the pre-marriage course Singapore (Mandatory marriage preparation programme Singapore), these young Muslim couples will also need to seek the consent of their parents prior to getting married.

See: Hariz Baharudin, “Pre-marriage course proposed for Muslims under 21”, The New Paper, 15 March 2017

Marriage preparation programme Singapore- for non-Muslims

Non-Muslim minor couples who wish to get married in Singapore are required to attend a marriage preparation programme Singapore in order to receive a marriage license. Other than attending the marriage preparation programme Singapore, non-Muslim minor couples need to obtain parental consent to their marriage.

The marriage preparation programme Singapore is applicable for Singapore citizens or permanent residents (PRs) when at least 1 of the parties is below the age of 18 or when both parties are between the age of 18 and 21.

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