Emotional Neglect Symptoms- Unreasonable Behaviour as a Reason for Divorce Singapore

Emotional neglect can result in divorce in Singapore. What are some emotional neglect symptoms?

I came across an interesting article on emotional neglect symptoms recently.

A simple text message may have important significance. “Good morning, baby. I hope you have a wonderful day.” If you receive a similar text message early in the morning, you know that you are the first thing on your spouse’s mind and that you are his/ her priority.

In today’s world, however, it is common for people to log into social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook. By doing so, you are looking into someone else’s life.

Relationships are built on communication. It is not uncommon to see couples having dinner in the restaurant with their phones out- texting, or taking photographs of their food and posting them on social media platforms.

While having a third party in the relationship causes damage, the author feels that a lack of “communication, attention, passion, intimacy and even lack of love” cause greater harm.

See: Anthony D’s Ambrosioby, “In Today’s Relationships, We Cheat On Each Other Literally Every Day”, braininspired.net

Unreasonable behaviour

Statistically, the most common reason for divorce in Singapore is “unreasonable behaviour”. When explaining the unreasonable behaviour of their spouse, my clients often tell me that there is “no communication” or “little communication” between them.

Emotional neglect symptoms

In a world dominated by social media, it is not difficult to see why this is the case. Singaporeans work hard. When they get home, they would want time to themselves. Often, the time that they have to themselves is spent on social media platforms, rather than with their spouse.

From a Singapore divorce lawyer’s point of view, some of the emotional neglect symptoms include:

  1. Lack of communication
  2. Communication only evolves around essential topics- household issues and children for instance.
  3. More time is spent on social media and with friends, than with the spouse.
  4. Work continues until late at night, leaving no time for “couple time”.

Points 1 to 4 are common examples of “unreasonable behaviour” and they are emotional neglect symptoms.

If you would like to speak to us on unreasonable behaviour as a reason for divorce or emotional neglect symptoms in general, contact us today!

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