Marriage Trends in Singapore

Marriage trends in Singapore show that Singaporeans are marrying later.

Marriage trends in Singapore show that there are fewer Singaporeans getting married before 30 and more getting hitched after 30.

However, there are some young Singaporeans who buck the marriage trends in Singapore.

Abigal Lee and Luke Yan married in 2016 at the age of 22 and 25 respectively. The couple are working full time and pursuing part-time degrees. To Lee, “getting married younger means being able to spend more of your life having fun and growing together with the person you love”.

Nora Costigan married her husband when she was 23 and he was 22. She connected with her husband in a way that she never felt before and it felt right to marry him.

Charmaine Teo married her husband when she was 23. Even though her family and friends thought that she was too young to marry, she went ahead to marry her husband. To her, marriage didn’t change much of her life.

The challenges faced by young couples are usually financial in nature. Many Singaporeans in their early 20s are not financially stable. It is important to plan ahead and manage finances wisely.

See: Audrey Kang, “Singaporean newlyweds share ups and downs of getting hitched young”, Yahoo Lifestyle Singapore, 28 June 2017

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have seen couples of all ages come to me for a divorce/ annulment.

Is it true that younger couples are more prone to divorce? I do not think so. I have seen many young couples make their marriage work. While there may be more pressure on young couples who are juggling their marital commitments with education and work, it is possible. It takes careful planning and commitment to overcome the ups and downs of marriage.

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