Marital Theft in Singapore- What are your rights if your spouse stole from you?

Are you a victim of marital theft in Singapore? What should you do about marital theft? How can you protect your rights?

Case of Marital theft in Singapore

Kelvin Ang Soon Lim had forged 2 cheques worth S$640,000 in his ex-wife’s name. He used the money on his girlfriend and to pay off his loanshark debts.

Other than forgery, Ang had also committed theft. He had stolen 3 handbags and a credit card from his ex-wife.

The forgery offences had happened when the couple were separated. They had lived under the same roof but in separate bedrooms.

Ang had committed the offences while his ex-wife was away in China. When she returned to Singapore, she checked with the bank after discovering that her money was missing. She was shown the forged cheques and recognized the signatures to be Ang’s.

She had decided to forgive Ang as they had a young child and Ang had returned part of the money to her.

The final straw came when Ang stole her handbags 3 years later. This time, she decided to report the matter to the police.

Ang was sentenced to four years’ imprisonment for the offences.

See: Lianne Chia, “Man jailed for forging S$640,000 worth of cheques, stealing ex-wife’s luxury bags”, Channel News Asia, 16 June 2017

What should you do if you are a victim of marital theft in Singapore? You may wish to make a police report and let the police handle the matter.

Marital theft in Singapore is sufficient reason for you to file for divorce in Singapore, based on the unreasonable behaviour of your spouse.

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