Access to Child after Divorce Singapore

Many of my clients who do not have care and control of their child are concerned about the issue on access to child after divorce Singapore. This is natural. No one wants to lose their child after the divorce.

Access to Child after Divorce Singapore

It is impossible to cut off a parent from a child. The role of parents is irreplaceable.

Commenting on the role of fathers, Mr Tan Chuan Jin, Minister for Social and Family Development, said: “It is important that we set aside more time for our children and make our family a priority.”

It is important to note that active parenting means being directly involved in your child’s development. It is about being there for your children’s needs and to mentor them. It is not sufficient to provide financially for your child after divorce (by way of child maintenance).

My suggestion to clients is to make full use of their access time and be a hands-on parent.

Johnson Soh, for example, makes it a point to go for outdoor activities with his child once a week- be it swimming, cycling or visiting new playgrounds.

David Tan, whose child is older at 17 years old, talks to his son in topics that interest him, for example MMA, basketball and current affairs. They exercise together on weekends.

See: “Daddy’s home: The importance of being an active father”, Today, 1 July 2017

Enforcement of Access to Child after Divorce Singapore

If one parent (the one having care and control) refuses to abide by child access orders, it is possible for the other parent to make an application for assisted transfer of child or even commence committal proceedings against the non-abiding parent.

Variation of Access to Child after Divorce Singapore

Should there be a material change in circumstances, it is also possible to apply for a variation of the Court order to change the terms of the access.

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