Is Pre Marriage Counselling Singapore Helpful?

Pre Marriage Counselling Singapore

What makes a marriage work? Will pre marriage counselling Singapore help? The Ministry of Social and Family Development has a network of partners who provide services in relation to pre marriage counselling Singapore, also known as Marriage Preparation Programmes.

These programmes help you to “understand issues relating to marriage and learn skills that help prepare for life together as husband and wife”. From experience, pre marriage counselling Singapore is helpful insofar as to prepare you for the marriage, which may be very different from the life you envisage before signing on the dotted line. There are commitments and responsibilities when you are married. It is no longer about “you and I”. It is about “us”.

In an event organized by the Muslim Youth Forum Singapore, President Halimah addressed 900 young people and spoke about 3 lessons she learned in her years of marriage.

  1. “Marry for the right reason and remember it.” This will help you face challenges and make adjustments in life.
  2. “Exercise good financial sense”. Financial problems were the 3rd most common reason for Muslim marriages ending in divorce. Plan not just for the wedding but for the life ahead.
  3. Be sensitive to the feelings of your spouse and talk to each other daily even after having children”.

See: Joanna Seow, “President Halimah Yacob shares 3 lessons she learned in more than 30 years of marriage”, The Straits Times, 30 September 2017

From a family lawyer’s perspective, it may also be important to have a prenuptial agreement drawn up, to prevent disputes later on in the marriage.

Contrary to common belief, I don’t like to see quarrels between married couples. As much as possible, I encourage my clients to resolve their differences out of Court.

And having a prenuptial agreement may just be one way of preventing future disputes. Contact us to find out more about prenuptial agreements in Singapore today!

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