Growing Number of Singles in Singapore

As society develops, there is a growing number of singles in Singapore.

It may be a case that people are placing more emphasis on their careers, education or personal interests. I do not have the answer to why there is a growing number of singles in Singapore.

While there is nothing really wrong with being single in Singapore, one should note that being single can potentially lead to health-related issues. Yes, seriously.

According to researchers in the US, those with bad social connections have a 50% increased risk of early death, compared to those who do.

Loneliness can make people feel worse mentally and physically and they tend to suffer more worse symptoms when they are unwell.

A Granset survey found that 3/4 of older people in the UK are lonely and never spoke to someone about how they feel. Britain is, according to the Recent Office of National Statistics, the “loneliest country in Europe”. The UK’s “loneliness epidemic” costs business $26 million per year for the costs associated with “health outcomes and sick days”.

See: Andrea Downey, “Being single will kill you faster than obesity, study says”, The Sun (as seen from New York Post), 7 August 2017

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I encourage all my clients to move on with their lives. Moving on means looking ahead, getting a career and raising your children. It also means looking for a new partner. One should not be discouraged by a failed marriage. Going through a failed marriage is bad enough. You should not punish yourself further by staying single (and lonely).

We all have a part to play in reducing the growing number of singles in Singapore. 🙂

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