Growing Number of Singles in Singapore

As society develops, there is a growing number of singles in Singapore. It may be a case that people are placing more emphasis on their careers, education or personal interests. I do not have the answer to why there is a growing number of singles in Singapore. While there is nothing really wrong with being … Read more

Best Age Difference for Successful Marriage? Fact or Fiction?

What is the best age difference for successful marriage? Best Age Difference for Successful Marriage Have you heard of the “half their age plus seven” rule? Essentially, this means that if a man is 30, he should date a woman who is 22 (half of 30 plus seven). Recent research conducted by Christian Rudder, the … Read more

Average Age of Marriage Singapore

The average age of marriage Singapore has increased over the years. Statistics in 2015 show that 71.4% of Singaporeans in the age group of 25 to 29 are not married. 80.2% of men and 63% of women in this age group are not married. See: Rachel Chia, “More young people in Singapore staying single”, The … Read more

The Singapore Marriage Age- What is the best age to get married in Singapore?

What is the youngest Singapore marriage age allowed? The Registrar of Marriages may issue a marriage license if: Both parties are above the age of 21; or In the event that one party is above 18 but below 21, consent is given by the parents of the party. See: Section 17 of the Women’s Charter … Read more

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