Inter-Ethnic Marriages in Singapore

The number of inter-ethnic marriages in Singapore has increased over the years. 21.5% of all marriages in Singapore in 2016 were inter-ethnic marriages in Singapore. This represents a 3-fold increase from 1990, when the number of inter-ethnic marriages in Singapore was just 7.6% of the total number of marriages. Despite inter-ethnic marriages in Singapore becoming … Read more

Best Age Difference for Successful Marriage? Fact or Fiction?

What is the best age difference for successful marriage? Best Age Difference for Successful Marriage Have you heard of the “half their age plus seven” rule? Essentially, this means that if a man is 30, he should date a woman who is 22 (half of 30 plus seven). Recent research conducted by Christian Rudder, the … Read more

How Do You Divorce-Proof Your Marriage?

How do you divorce-proof your marriage? According to psychologist Alice H. Clark, it is important to have open discussions on difficult topics such as money, sex, personal space, children and upbringing of children early in the relationship. Many people get married with the hope that something will change about their partners. Having silent hopes can … Read more

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