Dating Scene in Singapore

While I handle many divorce, annulment and separation cases, I am a family lawyer and I specialize in family law. I read widely on all aspects of marriages, including the lead-up (dating scene in Singapore) and the aftermath (post-divorce).

Dating Scene in Singapore

6 in 10 Singaporeans of marriageable age (millennials) are not dating and 4 in 10 have never dated with marriage in mind.

Despite the rather bleak statistics on the dating scene in Singapore, 8 out of 10 Singaporean millennial singles do want to get married.

To develop the dating scene in Singapore, organizations can help by addressing reasons why singles are not dating.

Societies today no longer have the expectations that men and women are to meet, know each other and get married. It is no longer the norm.

A marriage specialist (Ms Elvira Tan) from Focus on the Family Singapore has suggested that it may be useful to create platforms for Singaporeans to communicate on topics such as:

  1. Common expectations of Singaporeans on dating and marriage; and
  2. Developing markers of progress towards marriage.

This may be helpful since Singaporeans do want to get married, just that they are not dating to get married. It helps to set expectations right.

Perhaps even more relevant would be Ms Tan’s suggestion on guiding singles in determining the traits to look out for in their prospective partners. This can be done through sharing with them the traits of successful marriages, including

  1. Effective communication;
  2. Resolution of conflicts; and
  3. Validate each other’s opinions and emotions.

See: Elvira Tan, “Singles need help on dating and finding partners”, The Straits Times, 20 July 2017

As a family lawyer in Singapore, I always encourage my clients not to give up on marriage despite their failed marriage. Take it as a learning lesson.

Next time you will know better what to do.

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