Best Revenge for Infidelity- Don’t take revenge with chilli peppers!

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, it is almost inevitable for some clients who were cheated on to ask me about the best revenge for infidelity.

As they say, the best revenge for infidelity is to live well.

Whatever it is, never resort to physical violence to get back at your spouse who cheated on you.

Recently, there was a report on a Vietnamese woman who assaulted her husband’s mistress together with her friends.

Ly Chanel, 23, allegedly stripped the mistress of her clothes, held her down on a bed and put hot chilli peppers in her vagina.

According to reports, Chanel became suspicious of her husband, Chien Keo, 24, after he repeatedly disappeared for hours on end. Chanel is pregnant. She had followed her husband to a motel before pouncing on him and his mistress with 4 friends.

Chanel then put on latex gloves and got her friends to hold down the mistress and removed her underwear. After that, the group opened a large bag of chillies and pushed them into the woman’s vagina, putting the woman in agonizing pain.

Chanel posted the pictures online. Many netizens asked why she did not target her husband instead.

Chanel is lucky so far. The mistress has not reported the matter to the police. However, prosecutors said that charges can be pressed even in the absence of a complaint.

See: Emily Pidgeon and Darren Boyle, “Pictured: The horrifying moment a young woman is stripped and sexually assaulted with super-hot CHILI peppers by the pregnant wife of a man she was having an affair with”, MailOnline, 21 July 2017

While we can understand what the wife went through – pregnant and cheated on -, she was putting herself in danger of prosecution. If something like that were to happen in Singapore, she is at risk of being charged in a criminal Court.

The best revenge for infidelity certainly isn’t physical violence.

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