Uncontested Annulment Singapore

In an uncontested annulment Singapore case, the process is largely administrative.

The Process- Uncontested Annulment Singapore

Annulment papers are drafted and submitted to Court. A date is arranged for signing. The Defendant will be served the papers and he/ she shall sign a document known as “Memorandum of Appearance”, indicating that he/ she does not wish to contest the annulment.

The Plaintiff will sign the Affidavit of Evidence in Chief, which is necessary for the annulment lawyer to set the matter down (i.e. to get a hearing date from the Court).

There will be a hearing in open Court, following which the Court will grant the Interim Judgment (provided that there is sufficient merit to the case and all the papers are in order). 3 months thereafter, the uncontested annulment Singapore process comes to an end, with the grant of the Final Judgment.

Commonly Used Reasons- Uncontested Annulment Singapore

The most commonly used reason for uncontested annulment Singapore is one party’s wilful refusal to consummate the marriage. Such a marriage is voidable and will not be annulled should both parties wish to carry on, despite the non-consummation.

In some cases, the marriage is void, even when both parties wish to continue with the marriage. For instance, in a case where either party is under the age of 18 at the time of the marriage and the Minister did not grant a special marriage license to authorize the solemnization of the marriage, the marriage is void.

In a recent case in India, Sushila Bishnoi’s marriage was annulled after they were married at a secret wedding ceremony in when they were just 12 years old.

See: “Indian woman uses Facebook to annul her underage marriage”, Channel News Asia, 12 October 2017

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