Share this on WhatsAppWhat are the effects of divorce in Singapore? When a client asks me about the effects of divorce in Singapore, he/ she is normally concerned about the consequences of divorce. Financial What is going to happen to the flat? Who will get what? Will there be maintenance (also known as alimony)? Will it be sufficient to maintain the current living standards of the wife? Or will it be so much that the husband will have difficulties paying it? Emotional Who is going to have care and control of the child? If you don’t have care and control
Share this on WhatsAppCurious about the number of marriages in Singapore in 2016? According to statistics published by the Department of Statistics, the total number of marriages in Singapore in 2016 is 27971. The monthly breakdown is as follows: January- 2,458 February- 1,653 March- 2,311 April- 1,728 May- 2,608 June- 2,117 July- 2,039 August- 1,405 September- 2,843 October- 2,875 November- 2,724 December- 3,210 The number of marriages for the month of December 2016 is the highest, making up 11.5% of the total number of marriages in Singapore in 2016. When interviewed, couples and wedding planners say that December is popular
Share this on WhatsAppPart 1: How long does uncontested divorce take in Singapore? It will take 4 months. There are 3 stages to this: Engage us- We will prepare the divorce papers and arrange for signing. Only you are needed at the first appointment. The first draft will be sent to you within 24 hours. We will arrange for signing. Both parties are needed. The signed papers are submitted to the Family Justice Courts. The Court will grant the divorce. Part 2: How long does uncontested divorce take in Singapore? Why do some uncontested divorce take longer than others? The
Share this on WhatsAppAre you wondering about life after divorce and looking for answers in divorce support discussion forum Singapore? Having conducted more than a thousand divorce cases since I started my practice as a lawyer, I have become friends with many of my clients over the years. I have witnessed how they survived their divorce. Divorce need not be the end of life. One example is Mdm Vivian Leong. On 1 April 2012, she was cooking curry chicken when the phone rang. Her husband, calling from Shanghai, asked for a divorce. He told her that their personalities were not
Share this on WhatsAppMother-in-law Problems Singapore On his daughter’s wedding, Minister for Foreign Affairs Dr Vivian Balakrishnan said in his speech that choosing the right spouse is the most crucial decision you will have to make, as “it can be a source of great happiness or the converse”. The Minister advised his sons that “the best predictor of their future partner is their potential mother-in-law”. See: “Minister Vivian Balakrishnan on what happiness is all about after 30 years of marriage”, Asia One, 29 November 2017 Over the years, I have come across many clients facing mother-in-law problems Singapore. Just today,
Share this on WhatsAppThe Family Justice Courts of Singapore was established in 2014 to make family disputes less adversarial, with more emphasis placed on the well-being of children. The Family Justice Courts help families to resolve their disputes faster. The focus of the Family Justice Courts is on providing parties with a practical outcome and direct their attention towards recovery and parenting. Court processes have been refined and Judges of the Family Justice Courts of Singapore manage cases actively to reduce the acrimony as much as possible. Services at the Family Justice Courts include counselling and mediation. These initiatives help
Share this on WhatsAppWhat is a separation deed Singapore? When do you need a separation deed Singapore? Separation Deed Singapore You need a separation deed if you are faced with one of the following: You want a divorce but you don’t qualify for one yet. It may be because your marriage is under 3 years. It may also be because you are a foreigner in Singapore and you have resided in Singapore for less than 3 years. You want a divorce but you are not ready to get a divorce because: You have not met the Minimum Occupancy Period of
Share this on WhatsAppAm I responsible for my spouse’s debt after separation/ divorce? This is a common question many of my clients have. In a recent case in Singapore, a 49-year-old housewife (Madam Lee) with O-level education was asked by her husband to sign mortgage documents for their Katong house for him to secure a loan for his business. Later, the company defaulted on the loan and the bank commenced bankruptcy proceedings against Madam Lee. Her husband has been declared bankrupt. Assistant Registrar James Lee set aside the statutory demand from the bank (UOB). Madam Lee had argued that she
Share this on WhatsAppInfidelity Singapore If you are googling infidelity Singapore, you have come to the right place. We are sorry that you may have been cheated on. Your heart is torn apart and you may be questioning your self-worth. Even if you are young and beautiful, you may not be spared infidelity Singapore. For instance, actress Jayley Woo broke up with her then-boyfriend Edwin Goh after he reportedly kissed another actress. Woo eventually moved on. What can you do about infidelity Singapore? Focus on yourself. You are likely to be fixated on your ex and the third party. You
Share this on WhatsAppIn the past, I seldom have any enquiry on prenup Singapore. Many Singaporean couples see prenup Singapore as a taboo subject to talk about. With more expatriates coming to Singapore, and a more knowledgeable and liberal society in general, more couples are coming to me to draw up a prenup. What should the prenup contain? Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan agreed to spend more time together. In his prenup, Zuckerberg agreed to go on a date with Chan once a week and have 100 minutes of alone time with her every week. Very
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