British Woman Devastated to Find Out Reason Behind Husband’s Disinterest in Sex


A newly married wife’s worst fears came true when she discovered that her husband was accessing indecent images of children.

The love story

Jane Gaskin, a 47-year-old grandmother from Birmingham, had been single since she lost her husband. She began chatting with her new husband David Huggings, a 48-year-old lorry driver online in August 2014. They met up in person a few weeks later and Gaskin was impressed with the “true gent” in Huggins. Amazingly, all of her 4 children liked Huggins straight away. The couple shared much in common.

Gaskin said: “We knew so many of the same people and places and he got on so well with my family. I felt so lucky to have met him and have a second chance at love.” Huggins proposed to Gaskin in December 2014 and the couple started planning for their big day in May 2015.

To Gaskin, Huggins was perfect in so many ways that his low sex drive did not bother her. According to Gaskin, “he was always too tired and blamed work. It wasn’t ideal but he was so lovely, kind and considerate it (her husband’s disinterest in sex) didn’t bother me.”

The revelations behind husband’s disinterest in sex

However, things did not get better after the wedding and Huggins became even less interested in sex. Gaskin was disturbed and concerned about her husband’s disinterest in sex. Gaskin noticed that Huggins was always texting an old friend and asked herself if her husband could be having an affair. One night- approximately 10 weeks after their wedding- Gaskin found indecent images of children in her husband’s phone. Gaskin confronted her husband who found out what happened with one look at her. Gaskin ran to her friend’s house immediately with the phone and reported Huggins to the police.

Painful as it was, Gaskin “never once regretted reporting him.” Huggins later pleaded guilty to charges of making indecent photographs of a child.

Perhaps more tragically, Gaskin is still married to Huggins as she is unable to afford a divorce after spending all her savings on the wedding.

See: Kelly Strange, “’I wish he HAD been cheating’: Suspicious newlywed who checked her groom’s phone for messages from other women was devastated to discover child porn”, Daily Mail Online, 4 December 2016

Gaskin did the right thing by reporting her husband to the authorities. Her actions ensured that justice is served and that Huggins is stopped in his tracks.

Despite being a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I am not an advocate of divorce. I believe that divorce is for those who are truly able to lead a better life without their other half. Gaskin is one good example.

We offer fixed- fee divorces to our clients to ensure that they get to start a new life without being burdened financially. We are here to help.

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