Penalty for Fake Marriage in Singapore

Under the Women’s Charter Singapore, a marriage of convenience Singapore is void. See: Section 11A of Women’s Charter Singapore (Avoidance of marriages of convenience) An example of a marriage of convenience Singapore is one where one party got married to assist the other party to remain in Singapore and this party receives an inducement or … Read more

Runaway Bride in China- Divorce Foreign Spouse Singapore

How do you divorce foreign spouse Singapore? Duan, from Xianyang, Shaanxi province, had married a young bride from Laos. To do so, he had borrowed more than S$22,000. Alas, the marriage was short lived. Difficulty in finding a wife Duan found it difficult to find a wife from China as the country has a higher … Read more

Fewer Foreign Brides in Singapore

There are fewer foreign brides in Singapore. 4,828 Singapore men married a non-resident wife in 2015. This is the lowest number since 2005. In 2005, the number was 5,611. 17% of all marriages in Singapore involved a Singaporean groom and a non-resident bride. In 2005, the figure was 24%. What caused the decline in number … Read more

Sham Marriages for Gays and Lesbians- Case for Annulment in Singapore

There is immense pressure for young women in China to get married. Ou Xiaobai, a 32-year-old gay woman living in Beijing, entered into a sham marriage with a gay man to keep her family happy. Ou told BBC: “At that time I was living a happy life with my girlfriend in Beijing. But I was … Read more

Dead Man’s CPF Savings Goes to Siblings Instead of Foreign Bride

The case of Mr. Soon Chwee Guan was reported in The Straits Times in September 2016 (Jalelah Abu Baker, “Dead man’s CPF savings of over $170,000 will go to siblings instead of China bride”, The Straits Times, 8 September 2016). Under the law in Singapore, should a person pass away without leaving a Will, his/ … Read more

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