Can you file for divorce based on Desertion Singapore?

Can you file a divorce based on desertion Singapore? Desertion Singapore Desertion happens when you are abandoned by your spouse for a minimum period of 2 years. To file for divorce based on desertion Singapore, you must have been abandoned against your wish. If after a few years of abandonment, both parties decide to resume … Read more

Desertion Divorce Cases

Once in a while, I come across desertion divorce cases. Most divorces in Singapore proceed on the reasons of unreasonable behaviour, separation and adultery. Desertion divorce cases are rare. Under the Women’s Charter Singapore, if your spouse has deserted you for a continuous period of 2 years immediately prior to the filing of the divorce … Read more

Findings by Jessica Leong Singapore on Divorce in Singapore

Dr Jessica Leong Singapore surveyed 134 divorcees, consisting of 45 men and 89 women, in 2011 for her PhD research. The marriage counsellor has counselled couples in difficult marriages for almost 2 decades. Findings of Jessica Leong Singapore- Reasons for Divorce Jessica Leong Singapore found that 25% of the respondents cited adultery as the main … Read more

Grounds for Divorce Singapore- Are You Eligible For Divorce Singapore?

If you are thinking about filing for divorce in Singapore, you must also be thinking about the grounds for divorce Singapore. Grounds for divorce Singapore How many grounds for divorce Singapore are there? What are the grounds for divorce Singapore? Technically, there is only 1 ground for divorce Singapore and that is “irretrievable breakdown of marriage”. … Read more

Thai Man Divorced Chronically Ill Spouse

Divorcing a chronically ill spouse It was recently reported that a Thai man divorced his wife after finding out that she had terminal breast cancer. Ms Wiramon Inthaneth found out that she had breast cancer about half a year ago. After she and her daughter were abandoned by her husband, they started living with her … Read more

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