Emotionally Cheating? The Prelude to Adultery in Singapore


There are indicative signs which show that one may be “emotionally cheating”. Usually, this is the first step and prelude to an adultery. Some of the signs are as follows:

  1. You keep text messages from THAT person private and confidential. You do your best to make sure that your partner does not read messages from him/ her.
  2. You get carried away by communicating with that person, so much so that you neglect your partner.
  3. You put in that extra effort to hang out with THAT person.
  4. You feel uncomfortable bringing your partner along when you are out with THAT person.
  5. On a rather frequent basis, you compare your partner with THAT person.
  6. You show a special side of you to THAT person, rather than your partner.
  7. There are “what-ifs” on your mind. What if, for instance, both you and THAT person are single?
  8. You always try to look your best before meeting THAT person. THAT person’s opinion on your attractiveness matter.
  9. You frequently bring up THAT person when you are with your partner.
  10. You over-analyse to try to reach some sort of conclusion on how THAT person feels about you. The length of hugs, eye contact and other body language of THAT person matter to you.
  11. You have someone in mind when you read the phrase “THAT person”.

See: Julia Pugachevsky, 11 Signs You’re Emotionally Cheating, Cosmopolitan, 27 October 2016

Adultery in Singapore does not include “emotionally cheating”. Adultery in Singapore happens when a married person has sexual intercourse with another person who is not his/ her spouse.

Nonetheless, most adultery cases I have encountered as a divorce lawyer in Singapore started off with “emotional cheating”. More often than not, there would already be some inherent problems in the marriage before the “cheating” begins.

If you exhibit the signs above, and you do not wish to get a divorce, perhaps it is time to work with your spouse on saving the marriage! Marriage counselling may be a good start.

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