Lin Dan’s Affair With Zhao Yaqi

The world recently found out that China’s 2-time Olympic gold medalist and 5-time world champion Lin Dan had cheated on his wife while she was pregnant with parties’ child. Photographs and a short video clip showing Lin and model-actress Zhao Yaqi surfaced on Weibo. Lin and his wife, Xie Xingfang (a former badminton world champion … Read more

Divorce Trends in Malaysia

The Malaysia’s Women, Family and Community Development Ministry listed the following reasons for divorce or separation in Malaysia: Misunderstanding Infidelity Interference by in-laws Irresponsible behaviour According to Deputy Minister Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun, the first 5 years of marriage are usually the most challenging. Amongst the non-Muslims, there were 9,029 divorces in 2014 and 9,326 … Read more

Unhealthy to Have Dominant and Passive Parenting Styles

A couple’s parenting differences can lead to divorce. In one case handled by Ms. Monica Christine Fernando, a marriage and family counsellor at Reach Counselling: The mother, a civil servant, felt that she should the one nurturing and caring for the children. The father was soft-hearted. When he attempted to discipline the children, they did … Read more

Mistress Hunters in China

As the world evolves, new jobs emerge. “Mistress hunters” are now appearing in China. They are paid to approach mistresses to earn their trust and persuade them to end their affairs with married men. Some women in China do not want a divorce as they fear falling into financial hardship. Hence, they hire mistress hunters … Read more

Family Violence in Singapore

This week’s episode of Channel 5’s On The Red Dot (aired on 18 November 2016) examined spousal abuse. 2 women shared their stories on domestic violence. Jane (not her real name) suffered her husband’s abuse silently for several years. She was beaten up even when she was pregnant. Jane described her ordeal: there were times … Read more

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