Interracial Marriages in Singapore

21.5% of marriages in Singapore last year (2015) involved people from different races. By comparison, the number of interracial marriages in Singapore was 14.9% in 2005. Despite the statistics, families of those involved in interracial marriages have their reservations. According to a survey conducted by Channel NewsAsia in partnership with the Institute of Policy Studies, … Read more

Attunement- Reducing Divorce based on Unreasonable Behaviour Singapore

Research shows that women generally have 2 major complaints about men. The reasons are frequently used in a divorce based on unreasonable behaviour Singapore. “He is never there for me.” “There isn’t enough intimacy and connection.” Even while in a relationship/ married, they would feel lonely. This is linked to a lack of trust. Women … Read more

Emotionally Cheating? The Prelude to Adultery in Singapore

There are indicative signs which show that one may be “emotionally cheating”. Usually, this is the first step and prelude to an adultery. Some of the signs are as follows: You keep text messages from THAT person private and confidential. You do your best to make sure that your partner does not read messages from … Read more

Unhealthy to Have Dominant and Passive Parenting Styles

A couple’s parenting differences can lead to divorce. In one case handled by Ms. Monica Christine Fernando, a marriage and family counsellor at Reach Counselling: The mother, a civil servant, felt that she should the one nurturing and caring for the children. The father was soft-hearted. When he attempted to discipline the children, they did … Read more

Mistress Hunters in China

As the world evolves, new jobs emerge. “Mistress hunters” are now appearing in China. They are paid to approach mistresses to earn their trust and persuade them to end their affairs with married men. Some women in China do not want a divorce as they fear falling into financial hardship. Hence, they hire mistress hunters … Read more

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