Singapore Child Custody Cases

Many of my clients are curious and interested to know the outcomes of Singapore child custody cases. What do the Family Justice Courts look out for in Singapore child custody cases? In general, it boils down to the welfare of the child. And this is not about how much you earn, or how well you … Read more

Does adultery affect child custody Singapore?

Does adultery affect child custody Singapore? This is a common question that many of my clients have in mind. The short answer is no. Custody issues are separate from the issue of adultery. Adultery is a reason for divorce while custody is based on the welfare and best interests of the child. Adultery does not … Read more

Child Custody For Fathers Singapore

Child custody for fathers Singapore? In Singapore, joint custody is the norm. Custody refers to the right to make major decisions on behalf of a child (such as education, religion and medical). What many parents are concerned about is “care and control”. If you have care and control of the child, you get to live … Read more

Changing Surnames of Children after Divorce in Singapore

Matthew’s decision to change his surname to that of his wife’s Matthew Broberg wrote about his decision to change his last name from Brender to Broberg. He did it because: His wife did not consider changing her surname. He felt strongly about their family having a shared surname. It symbolises gender equality. After he made … Read more

Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong’s Divorce- Co-Parenting in Singapore

We witnessed many celebrity divorces in 2016. From Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. In Singapore, celebrity couple Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong announced that they have been divorced since August 2016. Jaime Teo is a former beauty queen turned TV actress while Daniel Ong is former radio DJ. Together, … Read more

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