Effects of Divorce on Children’s Behaviour

In deciding whether to get a divorce, one of the top concerns of my clients is their children. For instance, they wouldn’t want to get a divorce when their child is facing a major national examination, such as the PSLE. What are the potential effects of divorce on children’s behaviour? Will your children turn rebellious … Read more

Why I Dissuade my Clients from Using a Child to Hurt the Other Parent

Over the years, I have come across a few cases where one parent resorted to using a child to hurt the other parent. It is really sad. An extreme case of “using a child to hurt the other parent” happened in China recently. A woman in Jiangxi province cut off her son’s penis to “get … Read more

Parenting Disagreements Between Spouses

Parenting disagreements between spouses may seem trivial at the start, but it can lead to many problems in the later part of the marriage. Parenting Disagreements between Spouses One parent may feel that he or she is doing everything- homework, household chores, etc. This could lead to stress, frustration and quarrels. Some parents may believe … Read more

Interim Access Order Singapore

Increasingly, more parents are coming to me to seek an interim access order Singapore. When do you need an interim access order Singapore? You need an interim access order Singapore if: You have difficulties getting access to your child. For instance, your spouse has left the matrimonial home with the child or you have been … Read more

Interim Custody Order Singapore

If you are in the middle of a long drawn divorce, you may feel the need to make an application for an interim custody order Singapore. Essentially, with an interim custody order Singapore, your rights to your children and their welfare are protected. For instance, I have had some clients who feel a need to … Read more

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