Child Custody For Fathers Singapore

Child custody for fathers Singapore?

In Singapore, joint custody is the norm. Custody refers to the right to make major decisions on behalf of a child (such as education, religion and medical).

What many parents are concerned about is “care and control”. If you have care and control of the child, you get to live with your child. If you do not have care and control of your child, you will have regular access to your child.

I have come across many fathers who think that mothers have an edge over them in terms of care and control. Many gave up on care and control even before they come to me. However, in recent years, I have seen more cases of parents having shared care and control of their child.

Ultimately, it all boils down to what is in the best interests of the child. I have seen care and control awarded to fathers who have been the primary care givers to the child. Child custody for fathers Singapore is not an impossible dream!

Centre for Fathering

Recently, I came across an article written by Mr Bryan Tan, CEO of Centre for Fathering. A father of 3, he felt that fatherhood was a very lonely journey. He decided to provide materially for his family to the best of his ability. He was present physically for his child, but not emotionally.

The turning point for him came when he attended a “Breakfast with Dad” event with his eldest child (then 5) at the Centre, which he is now the CEO of. In one exercise, he had to shout “I love you!” from a corner so loudly that his child would recognize him and run to him. He was embarrassed that he had to shout 3 times before his child could recognize his voice. Was he a good father if his son could not recognize his voice?

He decided to join the centre. Mr Tan’s personal mission is to minimize the impact of “fatherlessness”, by raising awareness of the importance of involved fathering so that fathers are more engaged in family life.

Today, Mr Tan is even able to open up to his children to share his concerns and vulnerabilities so that his children know who he is, accurately.

To him, he is a role model to the children. There is no point in being a hero at work, and coming home being drained. He wants to create family values, traditions and good memories for his children, so they have a good idea on how to build their lives and families in the future.

See: Bryan Tan, “How learning to be a better father changed my life”, Today, 25 March 2017

To all my male clients, it is important to be a good father who is not just there financially, but physically and emotionally as well. Child custody for fathers Singapore after divorce is possible, if it is in the best interests of the child.

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