Alcoholism and Divorce in Singapore

How are alcoholism and divorce in Singapore connected?

According to lawyers in the UK, 1 in 7 divorces is a result of the wife’s alcoholism.

Divorce trends in England and Wales show trends involving alcoholism and divorce

Overall divorce rates have decreased. However, more husbands are filing for divorce against their wives based on their wives’ unreasonable behaviour. Many of such cases are a result of the wives’ alcoholism.

47% of divorces in England and Wales are based on unreasonable behaviour. 14% of divorces in England and Wales were based on the unreasonable behaviour of wives.

UK lawyers interviewed said that alcoholism is unlikely to be the only reason behind divorce, even though it can be one of the key factors behind a divorce.

Alcoholism on the part of one spouse could have an impact on children’s custody.

See: Steve Doughty, Social Affairs Correspondent, “One in seven divorces is linked to heavy drinking by wives: Number of husbands citing unreasonable behaviour triples”, The Daily Mail, 18 March 2017

Alcoholism and divorce in Singapore

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have seen many cases where alcoholism has led to divorce. In some cases, there was excessive drinking by one spouse as a result of work, or after work. This resulted in the other spouse feeling neglected. Alcoholism resulted in reduced communication and neglect, leading to divorce. Alcoholism acts as a catalyst to divorce in such cases.

In some other cases, one party is a stay-home spouse. Due to boredom, the stay-home spouse takes to drinking. In such cases, alcoholism is the main reason for divorce.

Similar to the UK, couples in Singapore who file for divorce because of alcoholism do so on the basis on unreasonable behavior.

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