Cause of Divorce in Singapore

What is the main cause of divorce in Singapore?

A study by the Ministry of Social and Family Development concluded that those who married in their younger days run a higher risk of divorce. For instance, the divorce rate of men who get married between the age of 20 and 24 is twice that of those who wed when they are above 25.

At the rosy stages of their romance, young couples tend to be unaware of/ ignore the alarm bells. They later find out that they lack the financial resources needed to sustain a family. Younger couples also tend to be less emotionally mature.

Financial commitments can be high, with study, wedding and housing loans. There is also the costs of raising a child.

Emotionally, young couples could be overwhelmed with the stress of entering the workforce, caring for a child and living with in-laws.

See: Janice Tai and Miranda Yeo, “Money is the main cause of divorce in Singapore”, The Straits Times, 9 April 2015

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I have seen couples divorced for various reasons.

Rather than saying there is one main cause of divorce in Singapore, I would say that there are many causes of divorce in Singapore. For couples who are older, common causes of divorce in Singapore include adultery and lack of communication.

Whatever the cause of divorce in Singapore, it is important to find a solution. Can the marriage be saved? If it can’t, how can we make the divorce/ separation/ annulment process as painless as possible? How about life after the divorce? Children and housing issues stand out as 2 key issues to tackle after the divorce.

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