Baby Bonus for Single Mother?

Baby bonus for single mother? XYW is a single mother from Malaysia. She has multiple jobs in Singapore so as to support her young children, who are aged 5 and 6 respectively. Despite taking on multiple jobs, she would struggle when it is time to pay her children’s childcare fees. Any help is welcome. Recently, … Read more

Do You Wish to Retain HDB Flat after Divorce?

Is it possible to retain HDB flat after divorce? Yes! In general, any party who is above 35 years old and a Singapore citizen is allowed to retain HDB flat after divorce. You will also need to fulfil other HDB’s eligibility criteria. If you are not above 35 years old, but you have care and … Read more

Is Life Better After Divorce?

Is life better after divorce? I recently read the story of Jen White who got a divorce 2 years ago. She was previously married for 5 years. A few weeks after giving birth to her daughter, White found out that her husband was having an affair with another woman. This eventually led to her divorce. … Read more

How To Get On With Your Life After Divorce

How to get on with your life after divorce? I have heard this question many times. As a family lawyer in Singapore, I wear many hats. Other than being my clients’ legal advisers, I am also their counsellor and friend in need. How to get on with your life after divorce? To get on with … Read more

Illegitimate Child Law Singapore- Can single mothers request for child maintenance?

As a family lawyer in Singapore, I do not just handle divorce cases. For instance, I have many clients who are never married. They are always keen to find out more about what they call illegitimate child law Singapore. I represent both complainants (single mothers) and respondents (fathers). Illegitimate Child Law Singapore If you are … Read more

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