Does adultery affect child custody Singapore?

Does adultery affect child custody Singapore?

This is a common question that many of my clients have in mind.

The short answer is no. Custody issues are separate from the issue of adultery. Adultery is a reason for divorce while custody is based on the welfare and best interests of the child. Adultery does not make a parent a “bad parent” per se. Hence, it may not have a major impact on custody issues.

However, there have been cases of children becoming so affected by one parent’s adultery that the parental-child relationship is affected.

Recently, I came across an anonymous letter from a child who calls herself “No More Daddy’s Girl”. The child is her mother’s confidant. She was very much bothered by her mother’s unhappiness over her father’s affair. The child’s father, according to the child, has “reduced” her mum to an “emotional wreck”.

Lately, the child decided to give her father a text to give him a piece of her mind.

The child’s father became very unhappy with the child and stopped communicating with her. They haven’t spoken for 3 months as of the date of the letter. The child used to be a “daddy’s girl” and feels sad about the current situation. She wonders if she made the right decision to text her father.

See: “Dear Thelma: My dad cheats, and now he’s avoiding me”,, 9 April 2017

Does adultery affect child custody Singapore?

How does adultery affect child custody Singapore? While there is no direct implication, a child may feel that he/ she is put in a spot and take sides with either parent. This is certainly not good for the child.

Further, if a child is so affected that he/ she distances himself/ herself from one parent, there may be some implications on custody, care and control or access.

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