Divorce Within 1 Year Singapore?

Every year, I see many clients who ask if it is possible to get a divorce within 1 year Singapore.

For some of these clients, they got married and found that married life is not what they envisaged it to be.

Quite a few of them got married as a result of a shotgun marriage. Like Jackie Chan.

In a 2015 interview which resurfaced recently, international superstar Jackie Chan said that he was “forced to get married” to his wife of 35 years Lin Feng-jiao Joan as a result of “an accident which conceived Jaycee” in 1982. Jaycee is Chan’s first son.

According to Chan, he had many girlfriends in his younger days and that the love between him and Lin Feng-Jiao died many years ago.

In Chan’s words, “It was an accident which conceived Jaycee. I have never thought of getting married, but I felt it was akin to being forced to get married.”

See: “Jackie Chan: I was forced to marry Joan Lin”, The Star/ ANN, 11 April 2017

Divorce within 1 year Singapore

Is it possible to get a divorce within 1 year Singapore? Strictly speaking, no. Under the Women’s Charter Singapore, you would have to be married for at least 3 years before you can file for divorce in Singapore.

For those who wish to get a divorce within 1 year Singapore, I would advise them to consider filing for an annulment Singapore instead.

If you were to go through a divorce, you would become a divorcee after the divorce. If you were to go through an annulment, you become a single after the divorce.

This is because in an annulment, it is taken that your marriage never took place at all. Your marriage is deemed void from the start. And you do not have to wait for 3 years before you get a divorce in Singapore!

If you are wondering about divorce within 1 year Singapore, or an annulment, contact us today!

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