Can a Singapore Divorce Maintenance Calculator Answer All Your Questions?

Many factors affect the maintenance of wives (and ex-wives in Singapore). I have had some clients who encourage me to develop a Singapore divorce maintenance calculator. While I do not rule out developing a Singapore divorce maintenance calculator in the future (we already have a child maintenance calculator), developing a Singapore divorce maintenance calculator is … Read more

Dealing with the Other Party’s Failure to Pay Maintenance Singapore

If you are a football fan, you must have heard of Roberto Carlos- the famous Brazilian World Cup winner. He was recently in the news for “non-payment of alimony”. The Real Madrid ambassador reportedly owes his former partner Barbara Thurler around 15,600 pounds in maintenance. What are your rights against your former partner’s failure to … Read more

What are a wife’s duties of maintenance towards her husband?

What are a wife’s duties of maintenance towards her husband? With amendments in the Women’s Charter, the law now states that: “the Court may, on the application of an incapacitated husband, and on due proof that his wife has neglected or refused to provide reasonable maintenance for him, order the wife to pay a monthly … Read more

Enforcement of Maintenance Order Singapore- Maintenance Record Officer Scheme (MRO)

Every month, I receive many questions on enforcement of maintenance order Singapore. An order on maintenance may be obtained: By consent (before seeing a lawyer); By consent (through negotiations between lawyers); By consent (after mediation); or After a legal battle in Court (Ancillary Matters hearing). Maintenance may be awarded to wives (if divorce does not … Read more

Is the Ex Wife Entitled to Spousal Maintenance Singapore?

Is spousal maintenance Singapore compulsory? How is the amount of spousal maintenance Singapore determined? Spousal maintenance Singapore In general, spousal maintenance Singapore is not a given. This means that not all divorced women are entitled to spousal maintenance Singapore. The following factors will be taken into account by the Court in deciding whether spousal maintenance … Read more

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