Dealing with the Other Party’s Failure to Pay Maintenance Singapore

If you are a football fan, you must have heard of Roberto Carlos- the famous Brazilian World Cup winner. He was recently in the news for “non-payment of alimony”. The Real Madrid ambassador reportedly owes his former partner Barbara Thurler around 15,600 pounds in maintenance. What are your rights against your former partner’s failure to pay maintenance Singapore?

See: “Roberto Carlos to Avoid Prison after Unpaid Child Support”, Four Four Two, 25 August 2017

Dealing with the Other Party’s Failure to Pay Maintenance Singapore

In the Family Justice Courts’ website, it is stated that:

“If you are applying to enforce an existing maintenance order, you must bring a copy of that order when you come to the Family Justice Courts to file your Magistrate’s Complaint.”

This is the first step to enforcement of an existing maintenance order. Typically, both parties will go through mediation. If a settlement is reached, the case is closed. Should there be no settlement, the Court will hear the matter and make a decision.

For more information on enforcement of an existing maintenance order, click here.

Some of my clients try to withhold the ex-partner’s access to the child because of their ex-partner’s failure to pay maintenance Singapore. Do note that the Court considers maintenance and parenting issues separately. Hence, even if your ex-partner fails to pay you the maintenance amount, you should still abide by the Court order in relation to access.

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