Dealing with the Other Party’s Failure to Pay Maintenance Singapore

If you are a football fan, you must have heard of Roberto Carlos- the famous Brazilian World Cup winner. He was recently in the news for “non-payment of alimony”. The Real Madrid ambassador reportedly owes his former partner Barbara Thurler around 15,600 pounds in maintenance. What are your rights against your former partner’s failure to … Read more

Negative Effects of Divorce on Children

What are the negative effects of divorce on children? Recently, it was reported that a 4-year-old boy in China was abandoned by his parents whose marriage had broken down. On 16 May 2017, the boy’s father took him to the kindergarten in the morning and did not return for him. After finding a large bundle … Read more

Child Maintenance Fee in Singapore- How will the Court decide?

One of the key questions that comes up during divorce proceedings is on child maintenance. What factors determine child maintenance fee in Singapore? Child maintenance fee in Singapore Under the Women’s Charter Singapore, every parent has the duty to maintain or contribute to the living expenses of his/ her child, regardless of whether he/ she … Read more

Child Born Out Of Wedlock Singapore- Find Out What To Do!

As a family lawyer in Singapore, I have come across many cases of a child born out of wedlock Singapore. Story of Lorraine Tan (not her real name) Little Lorraine Tan is a child born out of wedlock Singapore. Her biological mother recently adopted her and they will be treated as a “family nucleus”. Most … Read more

Help for Unwed Mothers in Singapore!

From time to time, I have had enquiries from single mothers asking me about help for unwed mothers in Singapore. It is not easy to be single mothers in Singapore, or anywhere in the world. Story of Natalie Davis Ms Natalie Davis’ husband passed away at 45 when she was pregnant with her 2nd child. … Read more

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