Uncontested Divorce Procedure Singapore

Recently, I read about Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix reaching a divorce settlement. It is always nice to see a couple reach an out-of-court divorce settlement. You should not prolong your agony. It is a waste of time and resources. The uncontested divorce procedure Singapore is fairly straightforward.

Uncontested Divorce Procedure Singapore

Step 1: The divorce papers are prepared.

Step 2: If the divorce papers are good to go, we will arrange for you and your spouse to sign the papers in our office.

Step 3: The signed papers are submitted to the Family Justice Courts.

Step 4: The Court grants the divorce.

See: Jennifer Drysdale, “Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix Reach Divorce Settlement”, ET, 4 August 2017

Of course, before the commencement of uncontested divorce proceedings, you need to have a discussion with your spouse in order to reach a settlement on all terms. If you are unsure of your rights, you can engage us prior to speaking with your spouse. We will advise you on the likely outcome should the matter proceed to Court.

With the likely outcome in mind, your discussion with your spouse can be more fruitful.

In general, you will need to reach a settlement with your spouse on:

  1. Children’s issues, including custody, care and control and access;
  2. Division of matrimonial assets– including the matrimonial home;
  3. Wife’s maintenance (if any); and
  4. Children’s maintenance.

If you have more questions on the uncontested divorce procedure Singapore, contact us today for more information!

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