Prenuptial Agreement Singapore

Do you need a prenuptial agreement Singapore?

There are many financial issues that you should discuss with your future spouse prior to the marriage.

For instance, you should talk about how to divide the household expenses- who will be paying for the household bills and tuition fees? Are both parties going to be contributing equally towards the household?

Do you need a joint account?

Having a joint account means being accountable to your spending and running the risk of arguments over unequal contributions. On the other hand, having a joint account brings about benefits such as transparency and open communication.

See: Lynette Goh, “Getting married? Here’s something to consider when planning your finances”, Money Smart (as seen from Asia One), 26 August 2017

Are you going to be buying assets as a couple? Who will be paying for the car and how much will each party pay towards the matrimonial home?

In the event that the relationship sours, are both parties entitled to a share of each other’s assets (under sole names)?

Nobody goes into a marriage thinking about a divorce. However, from a family lawyer’s perspective, it is better to agree when you can agree.

I have seen numerous couples fighting long-drawn battles in Court, arguing over the division of matrimonial assets. With a prenuptial agreement Singapore in place, your rights will be protected.

Under the Women’s Charter, the Family Justice Courts will consider “any agreement between the parties with respect to the ownership and division of the matrimonial assets made in contemplation of divorce”.

Contact us today to find out more about the extent of protection that a prenuptial agreement Singapore offers.

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