Quarrels between Husband and Wife

Nobody should quarrel while on a vacation. Yet it seems that quarrels between husband and wife are quite common on vacations.

So what are quarrels between husband and wife on vacation all about? According to a recent survey, 50% of married couples argue about work while on holidays. Surveyors at Korn Ferry found that the couples “had a disagreement with [a] spouse about being too connected to work” during the vacation.

We know that travelling together as a couple can lead to deepening connections. Being too connected to your work during the vacation can cause a rift. People generally check in with work to deal with “critical issues”.

Experts say that it is important to set some boundaries and rules before heading off for your dream holiday. This will allow you to stay on top of what is going on in the office without neglecting your spouse. You may wish to set a time with your colleagues when you will be available for contact. This should not be more than 15 minutes per day. You should also set an out-of-office message to refer inquiries to a colleague and warn your colleagues that you are off the work radar.

See: Cailey Rizzo, “Half of Married Couples Have the Same Argument While on Vacation”, Travel and Leisure, 8 August 2017

Other than work, I can imagine that there are many reasons behind quarrels between husband and wife.

Just to name a few- children, chores, finances and in-laws.

The best way to handle quarrels between husband and wife is to talk about it. Do not be too assertive and confrontational. Talk calmly, with a view to resolving your differences. Know the limits of your spouse and do not overstep your spouse’s limit. Be tolerant of each other.

Dealing with quarrels between husband and wife is an art really. If it gets overwhelming, talk to us today to explore your options!

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