Marriage Counselling Singapore

I have some clients who decide on divorce after going through rounds of marriage counselling Singapore. Some other clients decide on divorce without even speaking to their family members. Just how important is marriage counselling Singapore?

Marriage Counselling Singapore

From a layman’s perspective, marriage counselling Singapore serves to save the marriage. A counsellor may be able to spot the underlying issues in the marriage and work with the couple in resolving those issues. However, not all marriages can be saved. Both parties need to have that positive attitude towards making a marriage work.

In some cases, one party may be depressed over the state of the marriage. He or she may even develop suicidal tendencies.

In such cases, marriage counsellors can play a part in spotting the red flags and referring their clients to appropriate agencies for further assistance.

I recently read about a sad case of 21-year-old who jumped to his death because of marital problems. Before committing suicide, the man was attempting to resolve some marital issues with his wife. However, his wife refused to see him and did not pick up his calls. The man became depressed over the matter and was spotted “walking back and forth without speaking to anyone else”. The man later jumped off the building and was found with a broken neck and other injuries.

See: “Man commits suicide over marital problems”, The Star Online, 17 August 2017

As a family lawyer in Singapore, I never underestimate the stress that my clients go through. I always do my best in providing them with a listening ear and options (under the law). I believe that such tragedies can (and should) be avoided.

If you are facing marital issues, contact us today! Help is on the way!

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