Can a Singapore Divorce Maintenance Calculator Answer All Your Questions?

Many factors affect the maintenance of wives (and ex-wives in Singapore). I have had some clients who encourage me to develop a Singapore divorce maintenance calculator. While I do not rule out developing a Singapore divorce maintenance calculator in the future (we already have a child maintenance calculator), developing a Singapore divorce maintenance calculator is … Read more

Dealing with the Other Party’s Failure to Pay Maintenance Singapore

If you are a football fan, you must have heard of Roberto Carlos- the famous Brazilian World Cup winner. He was recently in the news for “non-payment of alimony”. The Real Madrid ambassador reportedly owes his former partner Barbara Thurler around 15,600 pounds in maintenance. What are your rights against your former partner’s failure to … Read more

Enforcement of Maintenance Order Singapore- Maintenance Record Officer Scheme (MRO)

Every month, I receive many questions on enforcement of maintenance order Singapore. An order on maintenance may be obtained: By consent (before seeing a lawyer); By consent (through negotiations between lawyers); By consent (after mediation); or After a legal battle in Court (Ancillary Matters hearing). Maintenance may be awarded to wives (if divorce does not … Read more

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