Second Marriage Singapore- It is never too late!

If you are divorced, are you ready for a second marriage Singapore? On average, I handle about 200 divorce cases in Singapore every year. The divorce process may not be easy, especially if it is a contested divorce. If you do not have an agreement with your spouse on all the issues, you may have … Read more

Stepmother Mistreated Stepchildren for 16 Years!

Yesterday, I wrote about the story of a single mum who found love in an excellent stepdad. I encourage all my clients to look for love again after their divorce. However, if you have children, it is important that your future spouse has the potential to be a good stepparent in Singapore. I thought I … Read more

3 AM Phone Call Led Woman to Realize that Boyfriend is Stepdad Material

  Are you a single mother looking for love again? Is it impossible to find a good stepdad in Singapore? I came across an article by Ms. Kristina Kuzmic, a blogger, who wrote about how she came to accept the man who became the stepfather to her 2 children. After her divorce, Kuzmic developed feelings … Read more

Realising that a Breakup is a Blessing! Get Over a Breakup in Singapore

Breakups can be painful but for some, it is a blessing in disguise. Recently, people revealed on Whisper what made them realise that they made the right decision to break up after the breakup. Some people found out that their ex-partners have controversial views on politics and medicine. Others witnessed their ex-partners fell apart. One … Read more

Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong’s Divorce- Co-Parenting in Singapore

We witnessed many celebrity divorces in 2016. From Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, to Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. In Singapore, celebrity couple Jaime Teo and Daniel Ong announced that they have been divorced since August 2016. Jaime Teo is a former beauty queen turned TV actress while Daniel Ong is former radio DJ. Together, … Read more

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