3 AM Phone Call Led Woman to Realize that Boyfriend is Stepdad Material


Are you a single mother looking for love again? Is it impossible to find a good stepdad in Singapore?

I came across an article by Ms. Kristina Kuzmic, a blogger, who wrote about how she came to accept the man who became the stepfather to her 2 children.

After her divorce, Kuzmic developed feelings for her now husband but did her best to fight those feelings. She just had a difficult divorce and was not in the mood to fall in love again. She was content with being a single mother. That was before she met Philip.

In Kuzmic’s words, Philip was selfless, patient and did not pity her. He saw her strength and Kuzmic wanted to see herself in the same way that Philip saw her. Out of fear, Kuzmic kept pushing Philip away and showed him all her flaws, hoping that he would go. But he did not.

Eventually, Kuzmic introduced Philip to her children but did not show affections in front of her kids. A few weeks after, Kuzmic fell ill in the middle of the night and her 3-year-old daughter vomited on the carpet. Her 5-year-old woke up screaming. They were in a mess.

Kuzmic called Philip and woke him up even though it was 3am. She told him: “Come over. Come over right now. You say you want me, you say you want my life with everything that comes along with it, then come over.”

Philip was at her doorstep in 20 minutes and without a tinge of anger or shock, he sent the children and Kuzmic to bed. He cleaned up the vomit on the carpet and told Kuzmic that he wanted every part of her and the children.

It has been almost 7 years and Philip is still there, cleaning up vomit and being a good stepdad to her kids.

See: Kristina Kuzmic, “The 3 A.M. Call That Made Me Realize My Boyfriend Was Stepdad Material”, HUFFPOST, 10 February 2016

As a divorce lawyer in Singapore, I encourage my clients to never give up on love no matter what they are facing.

It is not impossible to find love and a man who can be the best stepdad in Singapore. Just never give up.

You will realize that love is waiting for you in that corner of earth. And yes, he can be a good stepdad in Singapore.

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