US Couple Claimed Swinging Helped Their Marriage

I have not come across any clients who are into swinging in Singapore. How does marriage work for couples who are into swinging?

A married couple from Texas are into swinging. Jackie and John Melfi, both 52 years old, frequently have sex with other partners, attend swingers’ events and even invite other partners to join them for threesomes. John owns a few swingers’ clubs.

The wife, Jackie, claims that swinging gives her the freedom to explore her sexuality and this has strengthened her marriage. She added that she is not concerned about what other people say and is happy about receiving positive affirmation from her husband. Jackie grew up in a conservative family and had her reservations on swinging initially. However, after much discussion with John, she decided to adopt a swinger’s lifestyle.


The couple usually meet partners for sex at swinging events. However, they do treat each other to surprise threesomes.

John, for instance, said that he once got an attractive man to join in a threesome with him and his wife. In fact, he even got a friend to keep Jackie “entertained” when he went out of town. John is glad that the couple’s swinging activities keep his wife confident and happy.

John insisted that the couple’s love for each other is real and they function much like other married couples.

The couple added that their children are happy for them and that they see their parents as role models. Jackie is glad to show her children the positivity from having an “open marriage”.

See: Unity Blott, “’It brings us closer’: Married couple, 52, claim SWINGING keeps them young (and insist their children are ‘happy for them’”, Mailonline, 17 January 2017

Swinging in Singapore?

Having been a divorce lawyer in Singapore for many years, I have never come across a couple who participate in swinging in Singapore. In fact, many marriages break down as a result of one party committing adultery, that is, having sexual relations with a third party.

A married person who engages in swinging in Singapore may well be guilty of  adultery.

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